For a Med free from plastic pollution.


We strive for a Mediterranean free of plastic, co~creating reusable solutions, unifying what we enjoy the most: design, Mediterranean culture and environmental protection.


Collaborating is joining forces!

The Mediterranean Sea, environmental protection, grassroots movements and cultures in all its shapes and forms make us thrive!


Asociación Vellmarí

An entire lifetime dedicated to the sea.

Education is the key

To achieve great long lasting changes in our society and the marine preservation.
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Reforesting the Mediterranean

Pine trees absorb the highest level of CO2 amongst the Mediterranean varieties. Reforestation is the most efficient and simple way to fight climate change.
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La botella

Message in a bottle is not a thing of the past!


Get the WOW effect on your beloved ones with a unique, sustainable and reusable bottle.

CANT i PLORA helps you to reduce your plastic footprint joining creativity and sustainability in just 3 steps.

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3 pasos para crear tu botella personalizada

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A penny for your thoughts!

Zero waste products

Get a zero waste lifestyle with our unique and sustainable products.💙


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Questions, ideas, proposals, accions…everything is welcome! 

Greeting from Ibiza!!

I ‘m Alicia, the Mediterranean has been the  scenario of many stages of my life and know the origin of the words a curious hobby.

One summer day I decided to change the sea for the lakes of Berlin and I discovered a city that is a benchmark in sustainability, with a great environmental awareness and a bicycle lane to get lost.

Years passed until the moment I said to myself: I’m leaving! I’m from the Mediterranean, so … tschüssi!

Back to the roots, the admiration for life and Mediterranean culture together with the concern for the state of our environment, were the ingredients that propelled the creation of CANT i PLORA; a brand created in Ibiza with the mission of protecting the Mediterranean and starting a path towards a more sustainable and free future of single-use plastics.

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